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Hieros Gamos

The Covenstead of the Sacred Marriage
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A Community for Misora's Witch Hunter Robin Fanfiction.
The Burning Time

[The Renewal @ DevArt]

Hi, readers! This is a community for questions/comments/discussion regarding Witch Hunter Robin fanfiction; specifically (but not at all limited to) Misora's fanfictions, located at Fanfiction.net and MediaMiner.org.

I had started a blog at blogspot.com for my fanfiction The Burning Time, and I've received lots of great responses there; however, most of the people I happen to know online have Livejournal accounts (or at least know of LJ), and therefore it makes a certain degree of sense to start an LJ community, for both The Burning Time and its sequel, Hieros Gamos. In addition, I plan to include other WHR fanfictions; one-shots and tidbits that I’ll be posting in due time.

Hopefully this will serve as a place where I can offer uncut, uncensored versions of the stories for people to read; pimp some fanart by some wonderful artists; and hook up downloads of various (WHR) interests (videos, songs, and whatever else I might get motivated enough to share! ^.~ ). Discussion of the series, its characters, and even Wicca/Witchcraft are welcome too.

To start with, if you’ve got questions about me (the moderator, misora), my writing, or the stories in general, please check out the FAQ post—and if your question wasn’t answered there, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll answer it! ^^

The rules for this community are simple:
  • No flaming,

  • No spam,

  • Please attempt to keep somewhat on-topic, and

  • Be excellent to one another.

  • Please keep in mind that this is also a place where you can offer me constructive criticism, which I welcome wholeheartedly—I’ll be the first one to tell you that I have a hell of a way to go before I can think about writing professionally. ^^;; This is something that I think will enable me to learn and improve my craft as I go along. Keep in mind, while I have no problem with differing viewpoints and engaging discussion/debate, I will not tolerate trolls, and they will be dealt with according to how Yoda sees fit. ^^

    Awards/nominations for The Burning Time:

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